Customizable blue anti-light glasses

Minimum quantity : 250 pieces

The anti blue light glasses to personalize, a wellness advertising object to offer to your teammates or your customers.

This promotional goodies has a great potential of personalization. You can choose the shape of the glasses, the finishing and the color of the frame and the branches, the color of the glasses as well as the printing of a logo.


Anti-blue light glasses, a customizable well-being goodie

And if you choose a premium promotional item that combines utility, protection and aesthetics. The anti blue light glasses represent an opportunity to increase the visibility of your company to your customers and collaborators. In addition to having great possibilities of personalization, this promotional goodies will protect its wearer from overexposure to blue light.

But what is blue light? The famous blue light is present all around us. It is part of natural sunlight and helps regulate sleep and mood. Blue light is also found in artificial light sources such as LED screens (smartphone, computer, tablet, TV ...). In the digital age, we are overexposed to this blue light from our screens. This can cause visual fatigue, headaches or even disrupt the mood and sleep.

Anti-blue light glasses are a good way to protect yourself from this overexposure. They will filter the harmful blue/violet light while letting through the turquoise blue light with beneficial effects.

A premium promotional item

You have many opportunities to use the customizable anti blue light glasses. This promotional goodie is the right gift to give to your employees who work all day in front of a screen. With your company colors, you will develop your brand as an employer. You can also offer these glasses during a contest to animate your community. It is also a way to reward your customers' loyalty with a premium advertising object.

Create your own blue light glasses

Blue light glasses are fully customizable. Create the recipe for your custom eyewear by choosing the shape, color and finish of the frame, lenses and the choice of logo. 

Customizable blue anti-light glasses


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