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Advertising objects, goodies and promotional gifts for children

Seducing the youngest is not so simple, that's why you will find here the complete catalog of all our advertising objects, goodies, promotional gifts and premiums in pack children.

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Our catalog of promotional items

Are you looking for the perfect child's goodies? The one that will be the most adapted to your activity and to your marketing campaign? Choose the advertising object to personalize that represents your company or your association. Communication through objects is the way to gain visibility and customer loyalty thanks to useful and quality accessories for children and adults. To meet the demands of promotional gifts we design the goodies for children, from its design, through its personalization to its packaging and instructions for use. We like coloring, folding, tattoos, stickers, balloons, magnets, spinning tops, wooden toys, stamps, badges ... We also make "big" gifts: skateboards, scooters, overboards, backpacks, plush ... We attach great importance to the choice of advertising goodies and its power of attractiveness and brand ownership.

All promotional items - Customized card game

Personalized 7 families game

Personalized card game

Set of cards Mistigri

Jpersonalized Quiz card game

Personalized Tarot deck

All promotional items - Personalized stationery items

Personalized wax pencils

Personalized pencils to plant

Personalized back to school kit

BIC® pencil made in France to personalize

BIC® 4 Color Fashion ballpoint pen

Personalized coloring kit

All promotional items - personalized textiles

Personalized children's hat

Personalized microfiber towel

Personalized superhero coloring cape

Personalized sports t-shirt

Children's bobsleigh promotional

All promotional items - Various personalized games

Beach rackets promotional

Water gun to be personalized

Frisbee promotional

Bubble tube promotional

Domino game to be personalized

Personalization of your advertising objects

To personalize your goodies with your company's image is very simple. Just choose a model from our catalog that you like and simply add your logo. Then, for the graphic creation of your promotional object, you should send us your graphic charter with logo and tell us the quantity of personalization you want so that our graphic team offers you the best possible version.

Advertising objects that make the difference

To face the abundant advertising, it is wise to stand out from the competition with promotional gifts. Indeed, the goodies of companies are the best means to mark the spirits and to leave the batch, they thus represent a not negligible opportunity to improve its visibility and to gain new customers. Marketing Creation offers a wide range of goodies to accompany the reception of children with a gift flocked to the colors of your brand to mark the blow during special occasions.

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