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Discover our selection ofpromotional items dedicated to child safety. Because protecting the very young is a priority, offering child safety goodies is a smart way to promote your business while giving parents peace of mind. We understand the importance of child safety, and that's why we've carefully selected promotional items that combine usefulness and prevention. These personalized gifts are designed to raise awareness and educate.

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Discover a variety of advertising goodies for children's safety, such as safety vests, safety hats, reflective key rings, reflective jacket pull tabs..

Child safety goodies - Reflective pendants and key rings.

Customizable snowflake pendant

Customizable reflective rainbow pendant

Customizable reflective unicorn key ring

2D reflective key rings to logotype

Customizable reflective teddy bear

Customizable reflective bunny

Child safety goodies - Reflective badges and pull tabs to personalize.

The Smurf reflective pull tab to personalize

Customizable reflective Smurf badge

Child safety goodies - Customizable fluorescent safety textiles.

V-shaped child safety vest to personalize

Logo-printable child safety vest

Customizable fluorescent vest

Reflective scarf with logo

Customizable reflective cap

Our child safety goodies are customizable

Proudly display your logo and slogan on our child safety promotional items to reinforce your company's reputation while raising awareness of children's well-being. Personalizing these items is an effective way of reminding parents that you're committed to their children's safety.

The personalization process is simple and transparent. Simply browse our catalog of child safety products, choose the model that best suits your message and needs, and add your logo. Every time these practical, preventive items are used, your company will be recognized for its commitment to child safety, leaving a positive impression with parents.

A child safety promotional item tailored to your sector

Child safety goodies are an invaluable asset for all child-related industries. Whether you run a school, a crèche, a hotel, a restaurant, a company specializing in children's products or a childcare service, these promotional items boost parents' confidence by showing your commitment to their children's safety. These goodies create a positive link between your brand and your clientele, and enable safety-focused communication.

Our child safety goodies can also be used as promotional gifts, being included in first aid kits for schools, welcome packs for parents, or even supply packs for day-care centers. Personalize these items with your logo to reinforce your brand image and show your commitment to child safety.

Reflective promotional items

A reflective material is a type of coating designed to reflect light or other forms of radiation in the original direction, regardless of the angle of incidence. This means that when a light source, such as car headlights or street lighting, shines on a reflective material, the light is reflected directly back to the original source, making it easier to see, and therefore improving the safety of the person wearing the reflective goodies.

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