Customized card game

The card games 100% customizable with your logo:

The promotional card game, an essential in the children's goodies category. Whether it's during the vacations or after school, with friends or family, there's always a good reason to start a card game. This makes this goodie a useful promotional item that is appreciated by a wide audience.

Our catalog of card games to customize

Here, you will find a range of personalized card games: 7 Families, Memory Game, Tarot game, memorization game, card game box ... etc. or 52 or 54 card game. Convey your image by personalizing these fun and eco-responsible promotional items. These card games are 100% customizable. You can put your logo on the case or on the top of the cards, or contact us to create a custom deck of cards 100% personalized to your charter. We design the deck of cards you want! Choose the format, the case, the number of cards, the printing, the finishing touches. Entrust the creation of your personalized deck of cards to our graphic design department. Discover all the steps to customize your deck of cards. You are looking for a deck of cards to customize but you don't know which deck to choose? Make your selection from our catalog of custom decks. You can choose from timeless decks such as the famous 7 families deck, Mistigri or a classic deck of 32 or 54 cards.

Card games to personalize - The range of timeless card games

Personalized 7 families deck

Personalized Mistigri deck

Personalized tarot deck

Personalized memory game

Personalized battle game

Classic 32 and 54 card decks to customize

Personalized card games - The range of original card games

You can also choose from a selection of original ideas such as Take the Mic, Quiz my Face, which are games with very specific formats

Round card game to personalize : example Quiz my face and Take the mic

Customizable coloring card game

Set of scratch cards to personalize

Set of triangle cards to personalize

Customizable trading card set

Customize the deck of cards

You can choose to personalize an existing model from our catalog of ideas, simply by adding your logo on the back of the cards and the case for example.

You can also choose to fully customize your deck by choosing a model/format from our catalog, we can fully customize the deck to your image: 100% customizable case, customizable front/back printing cards as well

Even better! You have a game in mind, a specific format of cards, a different case, it is feasible, just ask us for a quote

Graphic design of the customizable deck of cards

As far as the graphic design of the deck of cards is concerned, we offer different possibilities. In case you want a standard personalization, that is to say a personalized deck of cards with a personalized case and the back of the cards, you can send us your graphic design with logo etc..

In case you choose the complete customization of your game, that is to say a personalized deck of cards with your image, you can send us a sketch, drawing, sketch, web inspiration, images, photos, all the graphic elements that could help us design your game.

Our graphic studio will be able to design the game you have in mind!

Printing of custom decks of cards

We can print the decks of cards in France, in Europe, depending on your budget and the desired delivery date

An eco-responsible advertising object

To be consistent with your ethical and responsible communication, choose an eco-responsible goodies like the deck of cards to be personalized

All the decks of cards we offer are made of ecological and recyclable materials: no plastic, no individual polybag, using paper, cardboard. The decks of cards can be made from recycled materials as well. To learn more about our CSR approach and our commitments, please click here.

Do you have an idea for a personalized deck of cards in mind?

Contact us!

Our team of specialists will be able to help you create a deck of cards that reflects your image

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