We realize the card game that you have invented, imagined, drawn!

As a manufacturer of goodies for children, we specialize in 100% personalized card games.

We design all types of card games for our customers. 

The decks of cards are 100% customizable: choose the format, the printing, the number of cards, the packaging, the finishing touches, the origin of manufacture, everything is made to measure according to your desires.

The advantage? Entrust your graphic creation to our graphic design studio. Our creative team will help you transform your ideas into a real deck of cards 100% personalized to your image! 

Minimum order: 250 pieces for a classic deck of cards (for other formats, please contact us).

Customization of your deck of cards.
Let your imagination run wild!

Step 1: Choosing a game

If you have come across this page, you may already have a deck in mind! So let us know your ideas of card games to customize.

We are able to create a new game from scratch with your game rules!

You can choose the customization of the case, the printing of the cards on both sides, the finishes, the format of the game, the materials used, the place of manufacture, everything is customizable as you wish. These decks of cards are custom made according to your graphic charter! 

If you don't have any ideas, don't panic! You can choose from our catalog of ideas. You can choose a timeless and classic game like the 7 families game, Mistigri, Tarot, or you can lean towards an original game like the Quiz my Face, Take the mic in a playful format. 

Step 2: Customization 

Now that you know which deck to choose, it's time for the graphic design!

If you wish, you can provide us with your ideas on sketches, graphic elements, web inspirations, images, all the necessary information to design your personalized deck.

If you have selected an existing deck, your graphic design will suffice.

Please note that we provide our customers with our graphic design studio to create the graphic designs of the desired games. 

This service allows you to create a card game from a simple idea, without having to manage the graphic part and design of the game. 

Our team of graphic designers will create the game that suits you!

Step 3: Printing

The graphic creation of the game is now finished. We make proofs that you validate to launch the products in printing. 

We guarantee all standards and certifications for each project. 

Step 5 : Transport and delivery time

Your decks are manufactured and ready to be delivered. 

We manage for you the transport and the follow-up of your order of personalized decks of cards, from the departure of the factory until the delivery in your premises. We can also store and deliver your decks to multiple delivery points via our logistics service.

And now your idea is transformed into a fully customized card game!

Our last realisations of custom-made card games

All these card games were created from scratch from a simple idea!

Do you have an idea for a card game !
Contact us !

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