Why give a promotional item? Top 10 end-of-the-year giveaways

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Why give a promotional item ?

Quarantine does not prevent saying thank you !
Receiving a present always makes one happy especially when one does not expect it. 

For your clients and colleagues, expressing your gratitude in a good way at the end of the year is a gesture that can count greatly, thus it should not be neglected.

Our selection below presents the most popular items, customizable with your company's logo. A good way to be nice while promoting your brand in the long term.

For your colleagues: Reward your team and create a true sense of belonging

A new year begins, the time for one-on-one interviews and yearly assessments is over. Generally speaking, it is good to take a break for the holidays and recognize the value of your employees by rewarding them with a gift.

Gift customization enables you to recognize your employees individually. It can be done by writing the first name or the initials on the product as well as the package or by adding a simple card in his name to the parcel.

It is also a great way to reintegrate the employee at the centre of the company while he is currently disconnected from it because of remote working.

Enhance the employer brand.

The company's image in the eyes of its own employees is taken more and more seriously by managers and Human Resources. To convey a good image of your company as much inside than outside of the firm is a major issue that does not only concern the biggest companies.

The members of your teams are the strengths of your firm and taking care of them is essential. Employees that feel valued stay motivated and participate to the amelioration of the performance of the whole company. 

For your clients: customizable promotional items represent the best long-term marketing tool.

When compared with a fleeting digital communication, a promotional item is long-lasting, especially when it is useful.

It conveys your firm's image in a positive way for many years by its shape, its nice side, its colors, its usefulness...

It is important to note that 77% of French people keep the promotional objects they were gifted and that promotional items generate high recall rates for the brand: around 75%. It is equal to cinemas, and far before any other media. Source: Study for the 2017 2FPCO by CSA Research.

To thank your most loyal clients and win the loyalty of new clients with a business gift : 

In the same way that it is essential to recognize the work of your employees, it is important to thank your customers for their trust.

Maintaining a customer network by offering business gifts contributes to maintaining strong ties with your clients and increasing customer's brand loyalty. Creating customer loyalty also works by developing brand recall capacities.

A customizable object is more than a simple goodie. To gift a promotional item engraved with your brand will, more than a box of chocolates, be a good way to be remembered regularly to your client, and will make him think about your company first when the need to contact a firm in your line of business arise.

This is why many promotional items are gifted during events (such as exhibitions, trade fairs, shows, etc) to attract new prospects.

  1. The winning trio: a gift that is personal, useful and long-lasting ! : Our selection of promotional for gifting

A gift that make sense, is useful, personalized, original and conveying the inherent values, the DNA and the CSR commitments of your company

For your recognition campaign to be a success, several factors must be taken into account.

Ideally, favor business gifts that are plastic-free and original. Recently, we saw the emergence of illuminated logo; but it is necessary to consider if this is not too intrusive on the long-term.

- Trendy textile: Tote Bags with your logo, personalized shopping bags, foldable bags...

- Plant with message: Gift a personalized foliage plant to encourage your colleagues to create a healthy workspace or remote working space. A pleasant work environment stimulates concentration and personal investment.


- Mugs: For coffee or tea, isothermal mugs, enameled mugs or even mugs made of bamboo fibers. Mugs are a useful classic in the world of promotional items.

- Flasks made of metal or thermos are very trendy items (see the article The children's bottle: the trendy promotional object, therefore it is a gift very much welcomed by clients and colleagues. Flasks are useful and environmentally friendly because they substitute plastic bottles.

- Advertising items useful for remote working : Notebook bag, bag, briefcase, pretty pen, polo shirt, shirt, sweatshirt... These color-coded promotional items enable your employees to remain "corporate" even from home and to display your company logo during videoconferences, webinars and online training sessions. Different types of marking are possible depending on the product to customize.

- Writing instruments such as pencils, pens, felt-tip pens are the most widely kept personalized objects over the long term, 81% of which are kept by the people concerned, followed by stationery (49%): diaries, notepads, directories, notebooks, etc... (source: 2017 study). Those with bamboo covers are very popular.

- Home accessories and decoration: wine set, corkscrew, glass bottle, apron, kitchen utensils, bamboo cutting board, first aid kit.

- High tech goodies: Bluetooth speakers exist with different powers and in many forms (even on a flask). Chargers, powerbanks and USB keys are a must (e.g. in keychains). Ergonomic computer support, earphones or headphones can improve well-being at work.

- Pretty plush toys with logo are part of the timeless and unavoidable promotional toys for children. They make your customers smile.


- Sports accessories: encourage your teleworking employees to play sports. The time saved on travel time can be used to relax or let off steam: offer your employees a small bicycle bag, a bicycle water bottle, the multi-function scarf or a microfiber choker scarf, a waterproof smartphone pouch or a microfiber towel.


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