Le Pin's an advertising object that has left its mark on the communication sector

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Last week we introduced you to the promotional object market. we start this week with a communication medium that has revolutionized this sector: the pin!

The history of the pin

The birth of the pin was marked with the badge, its ancestor, in the 18th century. The pin has been around since World War I when it first appeared as a decoration. The radio station Europe 1 tried to communicate using the pin as an advertising object, but it was a failure.

It is thanks to the 1987 Roland Garros tennis tournament that it will meet its popularity. created by Arthus-Bertrand, the Roland Garros pins are going to be a success and launch a real fashion trend.

The hour of glory

From the end of the 80's the pin became a fashion accessory and a concrete and reliable communication support for companies. At the beginning of the 90s, exchange scholarships were created, books and catalogues were written on the subject and the rarest were collected at high prices. Its success can be explained, in part, by a change in fixation: a simple spike passes through the fabric and is blocked by a "butterfly".

This is how they appear en masse in everyday life and are used by both commercial brands and music bands. They are also used at commemorative events or as donations and various prizes. The production of pins exploded until the Olympic Games in Albertville in 1992.

Pin's pour enfants - Objets publicitaires

Mid-90s to present day

After the Olympic Games, the craze for this object has gradually faded and nowadays it is almost exclusively reserved for discerning collectors. The pin is a collector's item still well ingrained in memories and allows companies or organizations to play with the vintage image it bears.

It is generally on the occasion of sporting or cultural events that companies use it to communicate their logo and image.

It is still, today, a landmark of the 90s that even has fans! There are also fairs for collectors such as Champeaux in Seine-et-Marne. The Internet has provided collectors with an ideal medium for sharing and exchanging their collections.

Nowadays it is certainly associated with a nostalgic feeling and a vintage image, but it is no less effective! As an advertising or promotional object, it is ideal for strengthening a brand's identity. It is often manufactured by a process called "Doming", which consists of depositing a transparent resin that gives the pine an exceptional volume and shine.

Goodies publicitaire - Pin's promotionnel pour enfant

Need to awaken a feeling of nostalgia, melancholy, "good old days" among your customers or employees? In this case, the pin is ideal whether as an advertising object, promotional object or goodies!

At Marketing Creation we have the expertise of the object at the service of your communication. We know how to work the emotions. That's why we designed a custom wooden yo-yo for the Kickers brand. It is a timeless object, simple and effective in terms of communication. Moreover, marking is practical and efficient!

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request for information or quotation.


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