Retrospective of promotional bonuses

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The promotional bonus:

A bonus is a promotional item that offers a tangible and palpable benefit. This gift rewards the act of purchase and is intended to stimulate sales. In fact, the bonus must be above all a business accelerator.

In marketing jargon the premium is also called : Discount, consumer gift, incentive, goodies, gift, give away, promotional item, personalised gift.

There are many examples of promotional goodies and bonuses that have made it possible to write the history of the promotional object. Let's go back in time to discover promotional gift ideas with this bonus retrospective.

Historical examples:

The Bonux gift:

The famous Bonux gift was a major success in the 1980s. The small toys contained in the laundry pack put the brand at the top of the sales charts.

The Pif gadget:

From its creation in 1969, theweekly magazine offered an extraordinary gadget inserted in the magazine. It became a huge success in the 1970-1980's, with a circulation of more than 500,000 copies. It even reached more than 1 million copies for memorable gadgets such as jumping peas.

The yo-yo cocacola:

Coca-Cola has the brilliant idea to revive the yo-yo fashion in the 1985's. Coca thus creates its own advertising object. This very good quality yoyo is matched with figure and competition organized by the brand. The success is huge and juicy. Since the brand sells millions of the famous yo-yos at tobacconists...

Pine tree madness:

In the 1980s, pins from all brands flooded the planet, a real godsend for brands.

Kellogg's gift:

Cereal brands have always had a little toy at the bottom of the pack for children's enjoyment.

The kinder surprised by Ferrero:

Ferrero is already well established in the world of chocolate with the idea of "extending" Easter all year round. By creating the egg kinder she allows children to prolong the magic. The egg is an immediate success by competing with ideas for toys and collections.

A smart car for free:

Some real estate groups have even offered a free car for the purchase of a house or apartment.

The bracelet looms:

The loom wave hit in 2013. These small coloured rings seduced by their simplicity and their creative side. From the United States the fashion spread very quickly all over the world.

The fidget hand spinner:

Many companies claim the invention of the hand spinner. But in the end, none of them owns a deposit or a patent. It is a unique phenomenon, a kind of collective creation produced in China. This toy which is not really a toy would have virtues of concentration. However, it has been banned in the majority of schools.

Now it's up to you to write the next chapter in the history of promotional bonuses. And in our opinion, the main character will be the eco-friendly goodies.

To be continued...


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