Creative play at the service of your child's "sustainable" development!

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We all know that children need to be encouraged to play in order to stimulate their learning and development. But in order to best encourage this development, we must above all let them take the lead! <p

To be effective, creative play must be self-guided: the child decides how the game will be played and the rules of the game. The adult should intervene only as a guide or if the child asks for help for example. The aim is for the adult to gradually get out of the game, so that the child will be able to feel self-satisfaction because he will have taken initiatives. This is how the child can develop his or her self-esteem and emotional well-being.

Creative play also stimulates the child's language development, intelligence and physical and social skills.

A child is naturally creative, so let's not kill this one!

Phoebe Hayman is a mother of two children and created her own creative toy brand called "Seedling" in 2006 in New Zealand.

How did she get the idea?

As a parent she is aware that it is sometimes difficult to find the time to set up original creative activities with her child. So she decided to create creative toy kits covering different areas of interest: the kitchen cooking, exploring, gardening, painting and the arts!

These kits do not limit the creativity and imagination of the child as he creates and imagines within a given setting or environment according to his inspiration.

Jeu créatif pour les enfants - Objets publicitaires enfants

Creative and sustainable play

The "Seedling" brand attaches importance to the environment and uses natural materials and recycled packaging as much as possible.

Today the brand is sold in more than 20 countries around the world and can reach different cultures and lifestyles through its different proposals.

To be kept a goodie must be useful, attractive to the user and pleasant to use. If your target is children and you wish to convey a positive, creative and helpful image, then creative play will be a suitable communication medium for you.

What we can offer you...

Marketing Creation's vocation is to design useful and relevant advertising objects for your company. This is why creative and ecological play is one of our proposals as an advertising or promotional object.

We are in collaboration with Clip It, which is designing a creative, educational and sustainable assembly game. Indeed, 90% of the set is composed of plastic caps of common use (water, milk, soda...) present in the homes. The game is therefore part of a sustainable and circular economy.

The Clip it adventure began in May 2014, following a competition organised by the European Commission for Sustainable Development. Mathieu Collos & Cyril Rheims, 2 architects from Montpellier, have imagined a clip to give a second life to plastic corks, thus highlighting a circular economic model. The first round was funded by a Crowdfunding campaign. More than 1,000 contributors in 33 countries enabled us to produce and deliver 300,000 clips. Today they work with individuals, but also with educational structures (toy libraries, schools, leisure centres, EMI), occupational therapists, artists...

Clip-It - Prime enfant

Here are some other creative game ideas as promotional items...

Prime enfant - Loisirs créatifs

If you are interested in the creation of a creative and ecological advertising object, do not hesitate to contact us :

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