Toys to support children's development

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There are toys that accompany the development of children of all ages. Toys with volume and construction are among the most relevant to promote the development of the child from an early age.

Before 12 months

At this age, babies spend long waking times lying on the floor. They therefore need toys that encourage their movements and motor skills such as balls, toys on wheels, tumbling toys and foam blocks. Toys in visible volume and adapted to his first movements!

The baby moves at ground level so any toys or accessories put in his way will arouse his curiosity and encourage him to move forward, backward, change direction, turn around...

In addition, they allow the baby to develop his coordination between his sense of sight, physical movements and sense of touch. The baby learns to be active and reactive, which is very important for his personal development and personality.

Jeux enfants à partir de 12 mois

Between 12 months and 24 months

This is an important period in the development of a child's motor skills. He learns to stand, walk, talk, eat alone...

The child discovers his or her body, the space and environment in which he or she evolves and his or her abilities. That's where he learns to trust himself! It is therefore important to accompany the child during this period with useful edutainment toys.

During this period, the child will appreciate toys that allow him to pull, push, roll or stack. These motor supports accompany the child in his progress, for example, by staying upright, strengthening the child's musculature. He can thus better feel the axis of his body and thus better coordinate the upper and lower parts of his body. Children test their balance on these toys and gradually gain confidence in themselves and their movements.

Volume toys can allow the child to discover shapes, animals or colours. The assembly allows him to work on these movements, his logic and his memory.

Between 24 months and 36 months and over

Between the ages of 2 and 3 years old, children will discover new abilities, particularly those related to the development of the nervous system and the growth of the muscular system. The child will appreciate the "destruction for reconstruction" as well as any moving media. Climbing structures become real playgrounds and the first tricycles appear.

The child thus learns to coordinate vision and action, evaluate distances, maintain balance in movement, develop anticipation and memorization. The toys in volume to be assembled will become his best friends in his personal development.

This is also the age when the child will seek to play with other people, a toy that facilitates this socialization is important during this period.

Jouets pour les enfants

- From the age of 6 years onwards.

The child has well developed motor skills but these must be maintained through edutainment. The child socializes, goes to school, learns to read and write...he is resourceful!

He begins to solve problems and can therefore participate in more complex games with elaborate rules. Toys in volume can therefore allow him to continue to work on his sense of sight, touch and motor skills!

They can also help the development of the child's creativity, which is essential in building his or her personality and happiness.

Marketing Creation thinks about children's development and therefore wishes to offer companies the best tools to communicate towards this very particular target.

We design a file for each of our clients allowing us to follow step by step the creation of the advertising object adapted to their needs and expectations and thus to reach the target they wish to aim at as well as possible.

Would you like to find the relevant edutainment advertising object for children? Here are some of our ideas...

The 3D Puzzle Keychain

A playful 3D puzzle completely customizable. Its design makes it very robust once the puzzle is completed. This keychain is suitable for children from 7 years old.


  • Weight: 14 gr
  • Box weight: 30 g
  • Dimensions: Ø 39 x 115 mm
  • Material: ABS/metal

The 3D pen

The 3D pen allows the child to practice a fun activity. They can draw in 3 dimensions and thus materialize their imagination! What could be more creative?

This new pen is more ergonomic and easy to handle, and more in line with the small hands of our dear little heads. Measuring 38 mm x 35 mm x 41 mm for only 91g, this 3D pen is designed for children aged 8 years and . The device has a rechargeable battery for longer battery life and ease of continuous wireless use.


This game is recommended for children aged 12 and over. Made up of 30 magnetic "X" shaped pieces that can be assembled according to the child's creativity. It is an intellectually stimulating game that allows the child to work on different motor functions and creativity.


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