Keep your child's soul within the company!

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A study published in the Journal of Vocational Behavior reveals that having fun at work is good for business. So don't hesitate to bring a playful spirit to your company!

A little entertainment = more productivity!

An employee working in a "fun" environment, with friendly moments punctually over time, will be more inclined to be innovative and less stressed about potential mistakes.

Indeed, the pleasure that comes from a moment of relaxation, a moment of laughter or even a game allows the employer to increase his optimism, his good mood and his resilience. Entertainment and a good working atmosphere can help your employee to work better!

A good atmosphere and cohesion between employees can be brought about through play and entertainment. For example, doing a group activity can allow people to share moments of laughter and discussion and get to know each other better. Small desktop game gadgets can also be simple solutions to work in a fun and productive atmosphere.

Why don't you bring entertainment back into your business?

You're probably thinking how cute this is...but how exactly do you bring entertainment, fun or play into an average company day?

At Marketing Creation we have thought about this issue. We specialise in "early childhood" and are therefore familiar with the playful and creative aspect of certain games.


It's a classic in the office promotional object and a sure value! Stress in the world of work is the equivalent of the Black Death in the 14th century: everyone is fighting it.

the stress ball is a short-term solution to this scourge. For people who don't feel stressed, it can serve as a simple little distraction in the office.

The manipulations carried out on this stress ball are used for :

  • Evacuate muscular tension generated by stress and repetitive movements.
  • Exercise the muscles of the hand.
  • Reduce musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, a result of repeated movement when typing on a computer keyboard.
  • Can help concentration

The Hand Spinner

This gadget turns on the fingertips and allows you to do tricks. It is in the shape of a three-pointed star and rotates on its own thanks to a ball bearing. This object was all the rage in playgrounds last year, but it is not just for children and teenagers.

it has real therapeutic virtues in terms of anti-stress and can therefore be a very practical goodie or office gift. It's all about focusing attention...instead of smoking a cigarette or biting your nails get your hand spinner out! it can allow your employees to work on their concentration while relaxing.

The game of skill

The Rondux skill game is ideal for occupying the hands of both young and old. A simple game based on balance that proves to be very entertaining.

As an advertising object, this game can be used in different communication objectives and contexts: seminar welcome offer, business gifts for your employees, promotional object for your customers, advertising object during an event...

The Top

A spinning top is a toy designed to spin on itself for as long as possible, balanced on its tip. It can become a real office accessory allowing your employees to enjoy a few seconds of entertainment.

The Moondrop Fidget

This novelty is a continuation of the hand spinner. The moondrop is the latest anti-stress goodie in fashion and it simulates the gravity of the moon, just like that!

Made from aerospace-grade materials and equipped with a super-precise slider: Moondrop is a very satisfying toy. So you can move, drag, rotate and shake it as you wish.

Give your employees a unique gift that helps them understand how objects fall to the Earth from the Moon. It's a special and magical gift...

The board game

More and more companies are offering board game times in the workplace. it improves team cohesion by allowing employees to share something other than working time. It strengthens cooperation and teamwork. To play, you have to set up strategies and exchange skills. the whole team develops real skills useful in the world of work.

There are also so-called "management" and "strategy" games that can enable employees to learn how to manage cities, situations or resources.

All of these benefits allow each person to develop productivity in their work tasks but also trust between employees.

These are pleasant moments spent with colleagues that help to improve the general working atmosphere and well-being of everyone.

Do you want to create an advertising object, a business gift or a goodie for your employees with a childish spirit?

Do not hesitate to contact us by email : or by phone : 04 42 26 23 07


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